Russel Witham also follows up with an op…

Russel Witham also follows up with an op-ed in today’s Technician about the attitude of student senators:

I sat in the Student Senate meeting for several hours last Tuesday and watched most of “our representatives” effectively claim students were too stupid to know what we had voted for. It was appalling and disgusting to watch my elected leaders — yes, I did elect a few of these traitorous heathens — undo my vote.

I won’t use names because I don’t want to see them stoned, but I heard one senator say that his constituents weren’t informed enough to make an appropriate decision.

. . .

Another senator said he couldn’t take the vote seriously because “51 percent of students didn’t vote.” Is he kidding? Student Government’s referenda received a 531 percent voter increase during the last two years (3.9 percent two years ago, 21.4 percent this year), and the turnout isn’t reputable. Perhaps the senator should take a look at what percentage of eligible voters participated in his election — he probably shouldn’t be taken seriously either.