You certainly covered all the ones I wou…

You certainly covered all the ones I would have thoughts of. The main ones that spring to mind when I think of heavy-handed analogy are “A Private Little War” and “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield.” (I hesitate to call “The Omega Glory” allegory at all, because it imported the Cold War explicitly.)

It’s worth noting that the tradition of such allegorical stories continued well beyond the original series. Unfortunately, the results were uneven at best; for example, consider the Next Generation episode “The Outcast,” which I regard as one of the weakest of that series purely because it was so transparently “The Gay Rights Episode.” In my opinion, the writers were so busy trying to cleverly encode their message that they forgot to write a good story.

One more comment: I won’t dispute the notion that M*A*S*H began as a commentary on the Vietnam War; but it’s worth noting that that war ended only a few years into the run of the show; it would have been silly to continue commenting on Vietnam until 1983. Rather, I think M*A*S*H became a vehicle for a more generalized (and sometimes naive) antiwar message.