Via Slashdot, I see that Hulu is again t…

Via Slashdot, I see that Hulu is again talking about charging a monthly fee.

I watch Hulu videos constantly, but I find myself hesitant to actually pay for the service until they make it possible to watch their content full-screen on a moderately powerful computer. Having the whole apparatus chained to Flash just means that, even when running the Hulu desktop client, it’s still running through the Adobe software, making for major slowdowns.

Either release some kind of desktop player that runs at a full framerate while fullscreened or (gasp!) just let the Roku box stream Hulu. It’s okay for them to stick their nose up in the air about Roku not getting access to their content when it’s being given away, but I’m not sure they’re prepared for the increase in user expectation that comes from paying for a service.