I was just contemplating the best way to…

I was just contemplating the best way to get an message to a high-profile blogger, mostly just a genuine note of thanks, and was trying to figure out how to communicate in a way that would make sure my message was read and not tossed out with the endless stream of email that any major blogger inevitably receives.

And then it hit me: give him some money. Send the message as the note on a PayPal donation to the site. Basically say “I think this message is worth your time, so I’m going to pay you for it.”

Okay, so, thought experiment time. What if all email worked this way? Obviously, we would still prioritize email from people we knew for things like round-table scheduling discussions, and not expect that to carry any money with it. But for mail from strangers? Read it in order of which ones paid the most money for your time.

And in the workplace? Obviously, this might backfire as it would disincentivize sending emails, which would probably cause email to stop being used in favor of … something else. Is that a good thing? I think we can all agree that, whatever its form, email is drastically overused in the workplace.