I can think of one other method of sendi…

I can think of one other method of sending a message to a high-profile blogger that virtually guarantees it will be read: write him a letter. On paper. Address the envelope by hand, and stick a stamp on it instead of using a postage meter.

Such a message will almost certainly be read for two reasons. First, it will will be noticed, because almost no one is going to go to the trouble of doing this; e-mail is so much easier. Second, it will get past the recipient’s perceptual junk-mail filter, which looks for things with machine-printed address labels and bulk-rate postage. Your envelope will be perceived as a letter and opened.

This method does require you to obtain a postal address for the recipient. That can be a challenge, but it’s usually possible if you’re creative. For example, I think my chances of finding a home address for Glenn Reynolds are pretty low (although a search of phone directories for Knoxville and its suburbs might work). But a letter addressed to him at the University of Tennessee Knoxville Law School will end up in his faculty mailbox. Mail sent to him care of Thomas Nelson Books (his publisher for An Army of Davids) will also reach him, although it may take a while.