When I first heard that the latest gener…

When I first heard that the latest generation of iPod nanos were including a video camera, I was happy. Sure it’s a bit of feature creep. But maybe, in the long run, it’ll mean more people recording more things that people would rather not see. Things like police statism and authoritarian overreach.

My girlfriend thought I was being a paranoid crackpot. She’s probably right.

But I’m right too:

An angry aide to Rep. Ron Paul, an iPhone and $4,700 in cash have forced the Transportation Security Administration to quietly issue two new rules telling its airport screeners they can only conduct searches related to airplane safety.

In response, the American Civil Liberties Union is dropping its lawsuit on behalf of Steve Bierfeldt, the man who was detained in March and who recorded the confrontation on his iPhone as TSA and local police officers spent half an hour demanding answers as to why he was carrying the money through Lambert-St. Louis International Airport.

Without that recording, he would have been sunk.