Greensboro Public Library is having a pr…

Greensboro Public Library is having a problem with porn:

After nearly 90 people were caught viewing pornography on its public computers in the first six months of 2009, the Greensboro Public Library is fighting back.

The News & Record of Greensboro reports that 89 violators were caught in the Central Library in the first half of the year, leading library officials to purchase a device that identifies porn sites and makes them load so slowly that they are difficult to view on the city’s 227 public computers.

90 people in six months? That’s one every other day. Problems abound.

But traffic shaping? From the end of the article:

“It’s not filtering it,” said Tommy Joseph, manager of technology and reference at the library. “It’s discouraging it.”

Uh, filtering is pretty discouraging.

I understand that blocking porn is difficult because it can come from so many different sources that neither traditional whitelist or blacklist models really work. That’s a tough problem with no easy answer.

But this whole system is predicated on having already identified something as porn. The system they’ve bought has detected this and decided it’s porn. And they don’t just cut off access… why?