During Exams Week (next Wenesday through the following Thursday), representatives from the Student Conduct Board are going to be handing out copies of the iconic exam Blue Book at the Free Expression Tunnel. The twist? They’re going to have labels on them with State’s “Honor Code”, the one that says “I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this test or assignment.”

Are they trying to stop people from cheating? “‘We all thought [this] would promote academic integrity within the students,’ [Mary Frances] Woods, [a junior in political science] said.” Because the honor code stopped people before?

Are they trying to do us a favor?

According to Goldsmith, Student Conduct will be out there for 30 minutes leading up to morning and afternoon exam times. They will also offer free coffee to those students on their way to morning exams. “It’s a way to provide service for students during exam week,” Goldsmith said.

So we’re in a budget crisis and they decide to start buying something as perennial as Blue Books for us?

Best part, though? They have 400 on hand. For 33,000 students who will each sit for an average of, say, 3 exams.