One of the contributors at The Digital B…

One of the contributors at The Digital Bits recently posted his “best films of 2009” column. His actual list didn’t mean much to me, since I haven’t seen a single one of the films he picked. But I did find this paragraph amusing:

2009 will also go down in history as the year Hollywood officially ran out of titles. OK, I imagine very few people confused Up with Up In The Air. But between District 9, 9 and Nine, there was very little danger of anybody forgetting what year it was. And I can only assume that a couple folks had to convince their friends that no, they hadn’t already seen A Single Man a few weeks ago. That had been A Serious Man…. And I cannot believe we’re now at a stage where you have to specify which movie you’re talking about if you mention Halloween II.

Unoriginal movie titles are nothing new, but I must admit I hadn’t realized it had gotten that bad. But Adam Jahnke left out the worst offender of 2009, in my opinion: Star Trek.