Tales of Reddit, Saturday Edition. Someone posts a link to a picture of a guy in a room full of guns and ammo in front of an American flag, watching Glenn Beck on the TV with the title “AMMURICA”. Clearly, this is what all those people bitterly clinging to runs and religion have in their living rooms.

Then, someone points out that Glenn Beck was photoshopped in. So, just a guy with a bunch of guns and a flag, watchin’ TV.

But that doesn’t stop the good people of Reddit from further altering the picture to warp it in to fitting their stereotype of gun owners including a pickup truck with some dogs in the back, a mullet, and changing the flag to the Confederate flag.

Remember, there’s no other identifiable demographic in the original: just a guy, a flag, a TV, and some guns. Given that I doubt they’re making a statement about televisions or flags, clearly only Glenn Beck-watching racists own guns.

Gooooo tolerance!

(It was also pointed out in comments that this image has been posted to reddit periodically, most recently under the headline “Your typical Glenn Beck viewer”.)