Our confusing legal system, over at WRAL: a man was just sentenced to 84 years in jail for a spree of bank robberies. In total, he:

  • Robbed two gas stations
  • Robbed two banks
  • Assaulted some customers during each bank robbery

Alright, this is easy: charge him with four counts of armed robbery, and a count of assault for each person, right? Don’t you wish. What he actually was charged with:

  • one count of bank robbery
  • one count of armed bank robbery
  • one count of conspiracy to violate the Hobbs Act (a federal law involving disrupting interstate commerce)
  • two counts of Hobbs Act robberies
  • three counts of possessing a firearm during a crime of violence

Four crimes with guns, but three counts of possessing a firearm during a crime? And, all of his crimes were in Wake County. He didn’t even cross county lines for his crimes, much less state. But he gets three counts based on disrupting interstate commerce?

I have no sympathy for this scumbag, and he deserves his 84 years in the slammer (he’s 41 so he’ll be in there for good), but this seems somehow dishonest.