Dad, the ridiculous article you talked about at dinner was linked to from Slashdot, so I had to read it. The article concerns artificial light (including computers) disrupting natural circadian rhythms. But I lost it here:

Such concerns are not entirely new: One sleep researcher said Thomas Edison created these problems when he invented the light bulb. [Because we didn’t have artificial light before then… -HZS] But they’ve been revived by the popularity of Apple’s new slate computer, the iPad, which many consumers say is good for reading at night in bed, when the brain thinks the environment should be dark.

Unlike paper books or e-book readers like the Amazon Kindle, which does not emit its own light, the iPad’s screen shines light directly into the reader’s eyes from a relatively close distance.

That makes the iPad and laptops more likely to disrupt sleep patterns than, say, a television sitting across the bedroom or a lamp that illuminates a paper book, both of which shoot far less light straight into the eye, researchers said.

Oh shit! It beams light right into your eyeballs. It is shooting your retinas. With light! They’re in your eyeballs, killing all your mans! With light!

Seriously, though. We humans have a measure for how much light a device beams (nay, blasts!) into our eyes: brightness. If the iPad were that much brighter than a TV, it would be uncomfortable and unusable.

Except it isn’t!