Last November, Wake County voters went to the voting booth to, among other things, elect new school board members. The race was essentially one issue: busing versus community schools. The community schools crowd won. (Sample article here.)

Unfortunately, the results of many elections are only a simulacrum of the will of the people, however in this case, it seems a pretty direct line to the pulse of the community. Folks are sick of spending a lot of time and money busing kids across town.

To protest this, the local head of the NAACP, who we have mentioned before organized a disruptive non-violent protest, almost certainly trying to invoke shades of the 60’s civil rights movement. But this civil disobedience wasn’t quite so civil:

[Board member John] Tedesco, who has stated repeatedly that diversity and community-based assignments are not opposites, said [president of the state chapter of the NAACP Rev. William] Barber was offered the opportunity to meet privately with the board to discuss his concerns.

“He told us he wanted to have his discussion on camera for media grand-standing purposes,” Tedesco said. “I think that we took every step to not have someone arrested.”

Anyway, at this point, the school board are only reflecting the will of the electorate. The time to protest and try and change hearts and minds about this issue was last October.