I discovered Gangstagrass as a combinati…

I discovered Gangstagrass as a combination of two things: watching FX’s masterful Justified and listening to Michael Bane’s Downrange Radio, a podcast about guns and whatever else Bane feels like talking about. In this case, he felt like talking about Justified, so he ran Justified‘s theme song as the intro music to that episode of the podcast.

Gangstagrass wrote that theme. But if I had never heard it on Downrange Radio and Justified, I would have never actually looked up the music, which is a positively amazing mix of gangsta rap and bluegrass. Think rap lyrics and banjo, breakbeats and fingerpickin’.

I am under no illusions that my fellow bloggers here will absolutely revile this music, but for me it represents an amazing fusion of genres that strikes a chord. It’s that same fusion that I find so interesting that keeps me listening to classic Linkin Park, overcoming the over-the-top angst, because no one sounds like they do.

But I never would have found Gangstagrass if not for a strange confluence in various media that I pay attention.

I live in paralyzing fear that there are things out in the world that I would love but I have no way to find.