Introducing: Hulu Plus. For $9.99/month, you get access to the “full season” of “almost all of the current broadcast shows on our service” (i.e. not just the trailing episodes), as well as every episode of many past shows on the service (Buffy is named explicitly).

Also, you can watch Hulu on your Samsung Blu-Ray player, iPad, and iPhone 3GS or 4, in 720P, where available. No news on Android, but that’s perhaps to be expected: you go to market with what you have.

As an aside, it doesn’t so much look like they were trying to prevent Hulu content from going anywhere but to the desktop, they just realize that people want it so badly they’ll fork over cash, so they didn’t want projects like Boxee making it free.

Also, hopefully more outlets set-top options will be forthcoming: TiVo? Roku?