I had long assumed that Nerf made cartoo…

I had long assumed that Nerf made cartoonish and exaggerated weapons like the Big Bad Bow because they wanted to avoid any appearance of producing anything remotely cosmetically similar to an actual gun.

I first really started paying attention to Nerf when Penny Arcade alerted me to their new product:

Oh, and also – this is the sight that greeted me as I entered the workplace:

I guess Nerf makes a sniper rifle now? That’s Fantastic.

Then came various other frightening guns, culminating at what is perhaps the pinnacle of scary Nerf gun design, the Nerf Vulcan, the Nerf light machine gun.

But now they are introducing the simply-named “Nerf N-Strike Tactical Vest“. I’ve long wondered exactly how much Nerf embraces its older fans (like myself and the modders at NerfHaven). Whether or not this vest comes in “Big Kids” sizes should tell us a lot.