Radley Balko has the story of a woman arrested, jailed, and fined for recording a deputy sheriff questioning her boyfriend. Click through for full “I thought she had a gun” insanity.

Balko also headed his post with the headline “I’m Pretty Sure There Isn’t An App For That”. He’s probably sarcastically referring to not having an app that would let you use your phone to actually shoot someone, but it does occur to me that there is an app for this situation: something like Qik.

See, the problem is that in the story, the woman eventually got her phone back with the video deleted so she had no proof that the officer was being ridiculous. But, as I understand it, Qik is a service that records video on your phone and streams it to the internet, meaning there is no local video to delete.

I’m not sure if that’s exactly how it works, but I’ll be sure to give it a try when I get my Captivate and let you guys know. And keep the app installed on the home screen, just in case.