Yep. In last week’s “Security Now,” Stev…

Yep. In last week’s “Security Now,” Steve Gibson talked about the recent news story about the evil wallpaper app (a story that has mostly been debunked, though too late to avoid the damage to the developer’s reputation). His main point was basically valid: that installing software on your phone has inherent risks. But I think he failed to emphasize a couple of points:

  • Android is actually safer in that respect than most other operating systems, because it actually tells you up front all of the permissions that each app wants.
  • The risks of installing software on your phone are no greater than the risks of installing software on any other computer. It all comes down to deciding whether to trust the developer.

I do hope that the recent hyperventilating about the wallpaper app doesn’t lead to a push for Android to adopt a walled-garden approach like Apple uses. Of course, AT&T has already tried to go down that road with their restrictions on non-Market apps, a restriction that was overcome by the Android hacker community within days of the Captivate’s release.