The more the government gets involved in your personal life, the more political decisions become personal: the University of North Carolina system (of which I am a part at NC State) recently legislated that all students are required to have health insurance. If we can’t prove to them that we already have insurance through some other source, we are signed up for a plan, and a non-optional charge is added to our tuition bill. Again, the burden of proof is on the student to not get charged to be insured by the school.

Leaving aside the fact that college age kids are the least likely to need or use their health insurance (and therefore are the least likely to spend precious dollars on it), there’s now apparently a kerfluffle about the fact that the policy assigned to otherwise uninsured students includes coverage for elective abortions. This has caused the Students for Life of America to complain tax money was being used for abortions.

UNCPres Erskine Bowles has dodged nicely, and students can now elect to have the abortion coverage in their plan removed, reducing the premium by zero dollars. Pro-lifers get to make a stand, the UNC system gets to appear responsive and level-headed. Everyone wins.

But if they’d just never started assigning insurance policies…