There is a probably apocryphal quote I’v…

There is a probably apocryphal quote I’ve heard attributed to Jeff Cooper, the father of the Modern Technique of the Handgun that goes something like: “You should never buy a gun that shoots .32ACP [or any other small caliber -hzs] because if you own it, then you’ll probably carry it at some point. And if you carry it, you might shoot someone with it. And if you shoot someone with your .32ACP and they ever find out about it, they’re probably going be pretty angry.”

Of course, that’s probably just because The Colonel subscribed to the “shoot the biggest round you can manage” school of thought and was a big proponent of the .45ACP round. However, it might be that he has a point:

A 35-year-old man who walked around for five years with a bullet lodged in the back of his head says he suspected for a while something was there but only went to doctors after he started getting headaches.