Penny Arcade Expo is a convention by gamers, for gamers, a sort of revelry that, in the early 2000s, we wished E3 actually was instead of a trade show at its core. PAX revels in its core nerdiness in many ways–I believe Jonathan Coulton is a requisite component at this point–and one of them is the Omegathon.

Each year at PAX, twenty contestants are chosen to compete in a brutal battery of games incorporating every sense of the word. Everything from Halo 3 to a karaoke game. If you’re interested in the full depth of what I mean, go forth and gorge yourself on the facts.

As is often the case, there is also a non-video game or two mixed in the bunch. Past examples: Jenga, and Connect Four.

This years? Zombie Dice.

(If I had to guess, it’s because the game appeared in an episode of the Penny Arcade TV show, during a time of creative block for the two authors of the comic. They decided to Go Do Something Else, and plucked their review copy of Zombie Dice that they’d been sent by Steve Jackson Games, gratis, and played a few rounds on camera, approving of the game strongly.

Skip to the 3 minute mark for them seeking out amusement. Prior to that is a discussion of political candidates and their penchant for embarrassing emails.)