Listening to Steve Gibson’s review of tr…

Listening to Steve Gibson’s review of tracking cookies during last week’s Security Now, I had one of those “duh” moments of revelation.

Ever since I became obsessed with Android phones, I’ve started noticing more banner ads featuring mobile phones, particularly Android smartphones. I figured this was probably some sort of attentional bias: because I was interested in Android phones, I was now noticing ads that had previously not caught my attention. If there really were more such ads, I assumed it was because of the huge growth of Android’s market share recently.

While those factors might be genuine, it occurs to me that a more important factor is the change in my Web browsing habits. I visit a lot of different blogs and forums dedicated to mobile phones, and specifically Android, on a daily basis. It would not take a very sophisticated analysis of my Web habits to deduce where my interests lie.

What I can’t figure out is how this is a bad thing. I’d much rather see ads that are concerned with something I’m actually interested in. I’d also like to see businesses able to maximize the effectiveness of their advertising, because that will enable them to spend less on advertising and more on developing cool products I might want to buy.

And who knows, one of these days I might actually click on an ad.