As a newly minted Android fan(boy), I co…

As a newly minted Android fan(boy), I couldn’t resist contributing my votes to this two-part poll on Ars Technica:

  • What OS does your mobile phone run?
  • What OS will your next mobile phone run?

I’m not crazy about the wording of the second question; while I think it’s likely that I’m going to stick with Android, I don’t exclude the possibility of switching if things are different in two years. (I still think Windows Phone 7 has a lot of promise.)

But I found the poll results interesting. Excluding all of the OSs with single-digit percentages, the results as I’m writing this are:

  • Current OS: Android 31.24%, iOS 37.44%
  • Next OS: Android 42.14%, iOS 33.88%

Of course, Web polls aren’t scientific, and the Ars crowd is hardly representative of mobile-phone users in general. Still, this is interesting evidence of Android’s continuing growth — as much in “mind share” as market share. This doesn’t necessarily mean iPhone users are going to switch to Android, but it does suggest that Android is doing a better job of picking up new users in general.

I think this is great — not because I want Android to “win” a mobile-OS battle, but because I want the competition to be as robust as possible. I’ll be even happier if Windows Phone 7 becomes a real player. Ideally, when it’s time for me to choose my next phone, it will be a really difficult decision.