Well, dang. I’ve been resisting the TiVo…

Well, dang. I’ve been resisting the TiVo Premiere because the reviews were underwhelming, and as far as I could see it didn’t offer any significant features beyond what I already get with my TiVo HD.

But now the inevitable has happened: TiVo has announced that Hulu Plus will soon be available on the TiVo Premiere. I’ve been wishing for years that I could get Hulu through a set-top box; my computer isn’t set up for comfortable TV viewing, and that’s the main reason I’ve tended to use Hulu very little (even though I like the service a lot).

All TiVo has to do now is offer another one of their occasional lifetime-subscription-transfer promotions, and I suspect I won’t be able to say no. You listening, TiVo?