John Carmack, technical genius behind Do…

John Carmack, technical genius behind Doom and Quake, and recently a player in the civilian aerospace industry has put up a political missive that is hard to argue with, and got a lot of coverage thanks to his name recognition. It’s a very tempered criticism of the idea that a federal government does much well, but the best part is where he identifies something that I have thought for some time to be a major contributor to the nature of our government:

It is unfortunate that income taxes get deducted automatically from most people’s paychecks, before they ever see the money they earned. A large chunk of the population thinks that tax day is when you get a nice little refund check. Good trick, that. If everyone was required to pay taxes like they pay their utilities, attitudes would probably change. When you get an appallingly high utility bill, you start thinking about turning off some lights and changing the thermostat. When your taxes are higher than all your other bills put together, what do you do? You can make a bit of a difference by living in Texas instead of California, but you don’t have many options regarding the bulk of it.

Not exactly news, but I hope more people start thinking about this relatively simple fact.