I can’t believe this:

Students have vowed to protest or block North Carolina State University’s Free Expression Tunnel until the university’s chancellor gives guarantees that no hate speech will be allowed there.

They were so close to handling this the right way: the article mentions that first they “painted the tunnel black overnight to protest racist and homophobic graffiti involving President Barack Obama painted there earlier this week.” But then, according to the article, they then locked arms and tried to deny people access to the tunnel until their demands for censorship were met.

And it just keeps getting better: after they painted over the hate speech (the Right Thing To Do), they painted “Freedom of Speech… at what cost?.

What cost? This! This is the cost! You see stuff you don’t like! And you paint over it! You don’t go to the newly-installed chancellor* and tell him to abrogate the shining beacon of principled tolerance by banning speech you don’t like. That’s the whole point!

*On an equally enraging, but unrelated note, the previous chancellor, James Oblinger, who was allowed to resign when it started looking like he hired Mary Easley for a do-nothing job has pretty much been forgotten. Who cares about the old chancellor? We have a new one, which means a new flavor of ice cream!

Edited to add: cue Rev. William Barber in 3… 2… 1…