You guys know that example of selection bias that says that the people who show up to rallies in the middle of the day during the workweek are not a representative sample of people because it doesn’t equally represent those with jobs? This just arrived via email:

Message from Dr. Tracey Ray

Dear Student Community,

Due to recent events on campus involving the Free Expression Tunnel[,] an emergency meeting of the African American Student Advisory Council (AASAC) is scheduled to take place tomorrow[,] Friday, November 5th at 2:00 PM in the Washington Sankofa Room of the African American Cultural Center (Room 126 Witherspoon Student Center).

Elvin James, the Chair of AASAC has opened this meeting to all students. Several University Administrators including myself, will be present. We invite you to attend, listen, participate, share your feedback/suggestions, and ask any questions that you might have. Again, this meeting is open to all NC State students, so please share this information and encourage others to attend as well.

Guess which NC State student works from 2-6 on Fridays. This guy.