Via Radley Balko, who summarizes it well…

Via Radley Balko, who summarizes it well:

Sixth graders charged with “terroristic threats” for what appears to be a fake bomb map based on a video game.

I’m reminded of one of Balko’s favorite phrases, “another isolated incident“, which he uses to refer to the chronic problem of serving no-knock warrants on the wrong house. Although it might seem like each time it’s a honest mistake, each incident is part of a greater trend.

I feel exactly the same way about these isolated incidents of zero tolerance overreaction. As someone who was a victim of this kind of zero tolerance twice during middle school, I know exactly how these kids feel.

Don’t do anything interesting or unusual. Don’t do anything creative. Go to class, do your homework, and fit in to the machine.

I can only guess at the chilling effect that zero tolerance policies have had on my generation. I know that it’s taught me to thoroughly mistrust authority and never cooperate. Being helpful and cooperative is what got me brought up on criminal charges. All they had on me was hearsay and my own confession.