In a condescending article, Fox News rep…

In a condescending article, Fox News reports on a legal decision affecting gamers in prison:

A three-judge panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit weighed in Wednesday on a matter of grievous import to the nation’s prisons: Dungeons & Dragons….

The case brought before the Appeals Court argued that D&D inhibited prison security, because “cooperative games can mimic the organization of gangs and lead to the actual development thereof.”

Sounds like more of the usual paranoia, although I thought we’d gotten past most of that a good twenty years ago. In case there were any doubt, the article goes on to quote one of the geniuses behind this idea:

Captain Bruce Muraski, who serves as disruptive group coordinator for the Waupun Correctional Institute in Wisconsin, elaborated that “during D&D games, one player is denoted the ‘Dungeon Master.’ The Dungeon Master is tasked with giving directions to other players, which Muraski testified mimics the organization of a gang.”

And thus does Captain Muraski reveal that he has never actually seen D&D being played, nor has he taken even a cursory glance at any of the rule books.

EDIT: Seems to me, if you’re looking for troublemakers, you’d start with someone whose title is “Disruptive Group Coordinator.”