At a recent event in California officers from…

At a recent event in California, officers from the Santa Rosa police department allowed children to touch and handle unloaded SWAT firearms, to encourage them not to be intimidated by the police.

But locals are naturally outraged:

Community organizer Attila Nagy, who took the photos, told that he was concerned it might encourage kids to use guns in the future.

“My main concern is for kids who handle these things. They’re fascinated by them, and it makes them familiar with guns,” he said.

Surely we don’t want our kids to become familiar with guns, or with anything else we personally don’t like; it’s much better to pretend these things don’t exist. And of course nothing could be worse than planting the idea in a child’s head that he or she might actually use a gun in the future. We don’t want our children to grow up to be police officers or soldiers, and we certainly don’t want them trying to defend themselves!