Since graduation, I’ve really slacked off in my posting of a selectively-quoted Technician article to boil the piece down to the heart of it, so here we go:

All majors are created equal

. . .

Certain majors are not any less important because their books cost less, their jobs pay less or because they don’t have to write 20 page lab reports. English majors may not spend hours in a lab, but we can read a 200 page book in 3 hours max.

. . .

Equality of all majors is based on the fact that the world cannot function without each one. Our engineers cannot be educated without teachers. Our country cannot run without political scientists or economists; and without meteorologists, we wouldn’t know that Hurricane Irene was heading our way.

. . .

The thing I’m asking you to remember, fellow students, is the next time someone tells you about what you deem to be a “worthless” major, remember this article; remember that all majors are created equal.