Currently, the only way to carry a handgun as a civilian in California, barring an unobtainable “may issue” concealed carry permit, is openly displayed on your person and unloaded. Everything else (carrying concealed without a permit, carrying a loaded handgun openly) is explicitly banned. Obviously, this corner case of the law is just absolutely nuts.

Luckily, California State Senators are rushing to fix this problem. By banning the open carry of unloaded handguns, too. Best paragraph:

“This is not the wild west,” the Los Angeles Democrat said, adding, “How discomforting can it be if you walk into a restaurant, to Starbucks, to Mickey D’s, wherever it is that you may go to, and all of a sudden you see someone walking around with a handgun, and you don’t know, can’t discern if they’re a law enforcement agent.”

Another instance of the idea that only cops should have guns. And, really, when would you ever need a gun in a Starbucks or McDonalds or IHOP? Whoops.