This just in from California the Crazy Gun…

This just in from California, the Crazy Gun Law State which also just recently banned open carry of handguns:

A man trying to stop a robbery in Canyon Country was shot to death Monday afternoon.

The 30-year-old Good Samaritan [sic] was trying to help a robbery victim who was being beaten up at a parking lot of a strip mall on the 18000 block of Soledad Canyon Road, according to authorities.

Short version: a guy agrees to meet someone outside a post office to sell them a Nintendo DS. He gets there, and the buyers turn out to be four thugs who start robbing and beating him. A nearby sheepdog sees this happening, grabs his baseball bat, runs over to break it up, and gets rewarded with being shot in the chest. He died.

See how much safer the world is without civilians legally carrying guns?