It’s a common justification to say that a particular policy is worth it if it saves even one life, no matter the cost. Of course, absolute statements like that might be easy to agree with in the abstract, but here’s where the rubber meets the road: (copying entire article at the time of this writing because I’m sure it’ll be updated)

Wake Tech lockdown lifted after report of armed intruder

RALEIGH, N.C. — Wake Technical Community College lifted its lockdown around 10:30 a.m. Tuesday, about 90 minutes after someone reported an armed man on campus.

Wake County sheriff’s officials said they got a call about a man with a gun on school property just before 9 a.m., but Sheriff Donnie Harrison said there was no gun on school property.

Classes will resume at 1 p.m, according to Wake Tech spokeswoman Laurie Clowers. No other information was released.

This. This right here is the cost of the policy of creating colleges as gun-free zones. Zero tolerance paranoia that involves a law enforcement scramble and a campus paralyzed with fear. I wonder what the cause will turn out to be. Prank call? Last time, it was a man with an umbrella mistaken for a gun.

This reminds me of that joke about a concealed carry permit holder who gets stopped by a cop and tells him he’s got a gun on his hip, another in the console, a third in the glove box and a shotgun in the trunk. “Jesus, man, what are you afraid of?” the officer asks.

“Not a damn thing, sir.”