If there’s one thing I’ve learned from Hardcore…

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from Hardcore History, it’s that humans, or at least warrior males, really love to sack things. Cities, villages, countries, whatever.

So it’s not really surprising that SWAT teams, when given the chance to tear up an apartment sack the shit out of it:

When Corrigan returned to his apartment 16 days after being seized, he found that [the fifteen SWAT officers] had left the front door unlocked and unsecured, had left the electric stove on, had cut open every zipped bag, had dumped every box and drawer, had broken locked boxes from under the bed and the closet, and emptied shelves into piles in each room. All his tropical fish in his 150 gallon aquarium were dead.”

It’s really not so different from an army storming the gates of a castle and laying waste to it because the people there aren’t really people: they’re the enemy. That includes leaving the stove on, the modern version of setting buildings on fire just to watch them burn.