Maybe all is not lost In Carrboro a…

Maybe all is not lost:

  • In Carrboro, a protest group calling itself Carrboro Commune occupied a building that has been sold to CVS, because they wanted it to become a “community center” instead. Par for the course in Carrboro. But then:

    Carrboro Mayor Mark Chilton went to the site and asked the trespassers, who had built a table and were carrying in containers of food, to leave peacefully.

    “I make barely above minimum wage. The only thing between me and getting evicted is two months’ rent,” a man who identified himself as Johnny Moran told Chilton. “I’m sick of living in a society like this.”

    When Moran described the police as an army between hungry people and the food in the grocery store, Chilton told him, “You’re full of crap.”

    Protesters being told they’re full of crap — in Carrboro.

  • In Cary, the town government has once again been asked to consider lifting its ban on allowing residents to own chickens. But this time, the request is coming from a councilman who previously supported the ban. He’s changed his mind:

    “It just came down to: Who the heck am I to tell other folks what they can or can’t do if it’s not going to hurt me?” Frantz said.

    Libertarian principles — in Cary.

Hope and change?