I’ve harped before on how the system of reporting revenues for movies is broken since it’s done in nominal dollars. Between inflation and increasing real (i.e. inflation-adjusted) ticket prices, the system is rigged to favor the latest hotness and perennially produce record-breaking blockbusters. This is another instance of Naylor’s Law, “If you argue correctly, you are never wrong.”

So I was glad to see the AP get analytical in their predictable article about the block-busting success of The Avengers:

As admission prices rise, Hollywood’s record-breakers often take in more money but sell fewer tickets than previous blockbusters. But “The Avengers” took in so much money that it’s the undisputed champ among debuts.

Based on average admission prices the years they were released, “The Dark Knight” and “Spider-Man 3” had led with about 22 million tickets sold each over opening weekend. Today’s average prices put “The Avengers” tally at around 25.6 million tickets sold.

Now that’s significant.