An interesting anecdotal report of unintended consequences and anchoring.

Unexpected benefit of Michigan’s [motorcycle] helmet law repeal

Working at a hospital (in IT), I got a bit of grief about riding. Every time I would get on the elevator I would at least get a sidelong look, sometimes snarky comments about “donorcycles”, or thoughts on danger, or admonitions to be super careful. And comments about “drumming up more business” for the hospital, of course. It was the only part of riding I didn’t like.

Then the helmet law was repealed. And I still wear armored gear and a full-face and boots, because, well, donorcycles. For about a week, every person in the elevator asked me if I knew I didn’t have to wear a helmet anymore. Every. Single. Time.

But then the magic happened. I became a Good Guy. Now every time I get in the elevator, I have strangers thanking me for wearing a helmet, congratulating me for being “a safe one”, and generally praising me for standing there in gear.

So thank you, Snyder and the MI legislature and all you “no helmet”-ers who lobbied so hard for legally cracked skulls. You took me from being a Bad Guy to being a Good Guy in one week flat, without changing a single thing.