An interesting bit of insider baseball from the gun industry concerning form 4473, the tax return-like ATF form that must be filled out each and every time you purchase a gun:

A question concerning the new 4473

At the shop I work in, we received a revised 4473 that goes into effect in early July. The only notable change is question 10a: Ethnicity. You have the option of selecting Hispanic or Latino or Not Hispanic/Latino. Is anyone aware of why this was added? Why is that information necessary to complete a NICS background check? Just curious. Thanks for any info.

And a response from another licensed federal firearms dealer:

I just got 500 of the old forms today. They went straight to the dumpster.

Your tax dollars at work.

The ATF, long-known as a slow-moving and recalcitrant regulatory body invalidated a bunch of printed forms because… they wanted to inquire whether or not purchasers were “Hispanic or Latino”?

Post-racial administration indeed.